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Observations From Camp: A.J. Green Is Putting On A Show

While we pointed out quarterback Andy Dalton's struggles on Sunday, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out the impressions that wide receiver A.J. Green has given. And from what we've seen from videos, and what's being written about through various local media, Green appears to be quickly justifying his place as the team's fourth overall pick; well as much as a player can do so after two practices.

According to Paul Dehner Jr of's Rapid Reports:

WR A.J Green showed why he was the No. 4 overall pick. Green jumped over top of S Chris Crocker and another defender Monday to steal away a deep, underthrown pass down the sidelines. It was far and away the highlight of training camp thus far.

John Thornton wrote:

Other things that stood out…the way that AJ Green attacks the ball. Dalton under threw a deep ball and AJ went up above two DBs to catch the ball. But when he came down, the ball popped out. But the fact that he came back and fought for the ball was impressive.

From Geoff Hobson:

Green keeps doing what he can as he quietly puts on a show. They haven't covered him yet and on Sunday his huge ball skills were on display when he had to come back for a Dalton bomb. He knifed through two defenders to easily catch the ball at the top of the leap, but he lost the handle when before he could pull it in as he came down, it got tipped out.