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Bengals Rookie Linebacker Dontay Moch Impresses At Practice

When the Bengals drafted Nevada Defensive End Dontay Moch in the third round of the 2011 Draft, Cincinnati knew that they had a project player on their hands. Moch excelled at getting to the quarterback in college, mostly known for having great speed.

So, you're probably asking yourself: "with this great skill set, why did Moch fall to the third round?". Well, Moch was widely viewed as a "'tweener" type of player, which is a term used for a player that is too small by NFL standards for one position (in Moch's case defensive end), yet lacking experience to immediately start as an NFL linebacker. These types of players often slip because they don't have a natural position to slide right into. Such is the case with Moch. Shortly after drafting him, the Bengals said that Moch would be an outside linebacker and third down pass-rushing specialist.

Well, the transition is ongoing, but apparently A.J. Green isn't the only Bengals rookie impressing the masses at Training Camp. According to the Twitter account of writer, Geoff Hobson, 2011 third-round pick, Dontay Moch, is showing off his skills as well:

None of the rookies could block third-rounder Dontay Moch in pass rush drills. Long way to go with switch to LB, but drips with the traitsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Though it should be noted that Moch was only facing off against fellow rookies, this is still impressive and is good news for Bengals fans. If he stays healthy, keeps showing improvement and immerses himself in the playbook, he could make a run at what is currently a wide open starting outside Linebacker position at the SAM spot.

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