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Hobson Doesn't Think Donte Whitner Was Ever On The Radar

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Word began circulating Sunday night that Bills safety Donte Whitner was close enough to sign a deal with the Cincinnati Bengals that ESPN Senior Writer John Clayton called it "a good chance". Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer simply said that both sides were "still talking." Followed up a day later that the two sides were still continuing to talk, but no update was available.

That's when the ticking clock begins getting on my nerves. Patience. Fine. I have it. It's not patience that's disappearing. It's the sinking feeling that the longer something doesn't happen, the more likely it won't. For example, Johnathan Joseph. That also doesn't mean we believe that Donte Whitner is the remaining key to hoist the Lombardi. But we can't argue against the point that he'd be as good a solution to our depth issue at the position as any safety we could acquire.

Fine. We're a patient lot, we'll wait for a safety that posted 140 tackles last season, considering we didn't have a safety that played the position for more than half a season last year (Nelson only played special teams the first half of the year).

Geoff Hobson isn't buying any of it. When asked about a Whitner update, Hobson tweets that he doesn't think it was ever on the radar. Hobson followed that up with "if it was, it didn't go far." That's not to say anything is or isn't happening; sources amongst beat writers and NFL Insiders tends to differ, which produces different prognostications. That's the nature of the business.

So either we can either be patient, or we can move on.

Directly as a result now of me bringing it up, Whitner will sign and the entire front office will point and laugh at me. You just watch.