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Winning A Super Bowl Helps Teams Make Money Too

No that we have vast experiences about how much money an NFL team makes during a Super Bowl Championship season, but for all of the money crunching that the Brown family supposedly does, it might be worth noting. According to Steve Watkins of the Biz Journal, the Green Bay Packers reported their revenue of $282.6 million "for the fiscal year" ending March 31 with a net income of $17.1 million.

But Forbes magazine estimates financial data for each team. It had the Bengals at $232 million in revenue in 2009, the latest figures available. And it ranked the Bengals 25th among the 32 NFL teams in total franchise value.

Did we mention the Bengals play in a market that is seven times bigger than Green Bay’s?

While the Bengals continue to struggle on the field, Mike Brown keeps pulling in a hefty profit. Forbes estimated it at $49.4 million in 2009.

We increasingly believe that the biggest losers in all of this isn't really the Bengals fans; rather it's Hamilton County. We choose to be fans; they have to pay for the stadium and its upgrades. And when the Bengals go 4-12, exhibit the offseason circus that's considered one of the worst offseasons in recent memory, it doesn't give fans much reason to go the stadium. Therefore attendance goes down and the area suffers from it because there's less people filling streams of revenue for the area. Fill up the stadium, the area does better economically.