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Five Things To Look For In Detroit: Jay Gruden's Implementation Of The West Coast Offense

This is a series of five items heading into Friday that could be of high-interest.

Two of the more interesting aspects this weekend will be the performances of rookie quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green. Those are two players set to replace the once franchise quarterback and the franchise's all-time receiver. Yet we have to file that under obvious assumptions. It's not like the entire Bengals fanbase isn't going to watch Friday night's game with a complete disregard for how Dalton and Green perform.

What's more interesting to me is how they conduct Jay Gruden's implementation of the west coast offense. Obviously in an effort not to expose too much with Cincinnati's offense, we won't see the best plays during the preseason. Yet we will see the generic conditions in which certain plays are called, along with the strategy associated with their opponent's character.

Jerome Simpson said of the new system:

"It makes sense. It fits our player personnel. It’s player friendly."

We'll see it start developing this Friday night.