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New York Giants Worked Out Former Cincinnati Bengals Safety Chinedum Ndukwe

According to ESPN Senior Writer John Clayton, the New York Giants worked out former Bengals safety Chinedum Ndukwe on Thursday. If you would have told us during the winter months earlier this year that the Bengals wouldn't try to bring Chinedum Ndukwe back, considering the state of the team's safety position, we be hard pressed to believe you.

It's not that we believe Ndukwe is an irreplaceable talent, though he was solid, posting nearly 90 tackles in 2009 and on pace to reach something similar in 2010. Coverage-wise he was average, maybe slightly above. Of the 23 passes targeted to receivers he covered, 17 were completed for 206 yards receiving and an opposing quarterback rating of 82.9. He didn't give up any touchdowns and only allowed three passing plays of 20 yards or more.

Though the Bengals are largely prepared to open the season with their roster of safeties, they're still looking to bring others on board that could infuse additional talent at the position. Chris Crocker and Reggie Nelson will start the season with Gibril Wilson, Robert Sands, Tom Nelson and Jeromy Miles backing up.