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Five Things To Look For Against The Lions: The Recap

Everyone has different things they're looking for this weekend. Some fans are just happy to see Bengals football on the field, content enough to see their boys in action. Others want to see specific things, mostly related to the changes that's happened over the offseason with the NFL Draft and free agency, along with the replacement of two coaches. And then you have your Bengals fans that just hate the Bengals and will always hate the Bengals until management changes. All of whom exist in a justified world that presents normalcy to them, which was threatened by a lockout that passed dangerously close into training camp.

That being said, our five things to look for against the Detroit Lions were more generic than usual. It's hard to breakdown specific ideals when everything is bland, like a painter's blank canvas. We're interested in the new free agent signings, the rookies, Rey Maualuga's start as the team's defensive captain, Andre Smith's maturity growth spurt and Jay Gruden's implementation of the west coast offense. There's other things of interest to people, we know. Andy Dalton. A.J. Green. Is the team alright with their depth at safety? How does the offensive line look when the first team leaves the game? Pass rush anyone?

What are some of the things you're looking forward to tonight?