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Former Bengals Wide Receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh Scheduled To Work Out With The New England Patriots

Amid a report that wide receiver Chad Ochocinco or defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth could be cut by New England, allowing head coach Bill Belichick the opportunity to "send a message to his lockerroom" regarding controversial players, former Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh is scheduled for a workout with the Patriots on Monday. Greg Knopping of Pats Pulpit (SB Nation's New England Patriots blog) calls it "unfounded speculation", especially the "Chad Ochocinco part."

From 2004-2008, the two former Bengals teammates combined for 870 receptions for 11,117 yards receiving and 73 receiving touchdowns during their five-year run being the team's most dominant wide receivers (both joined the Bengals in 2001 but Houshmandzadeh didn't become a major part of the offense until 2004).

After allowing his contract to expire, Houshmandzadeh signed a five-year deal worth $40 million with $15 million guaranteed with the Seattle Seahawks in 2009. Houshmandzadeh said at the time:

"Cincinnati's offer wasn't enough for me to continue to play there, I think I should be able to start fresh." He jokingly went on to say "I want to win some games for once",

Once the wide receiver left, the Cincinnati Bengals won ten games in 2009, sweeping the division and hoisting the AFC North Championship while the Seahawks won only five games that year. Houshmandzadeh averaged 98 receptions during his final three years in Cincinnati, posting only 79 receptions during his only season with Seattle. At least he won some games. The Seahawks released him in early September last year. Houshmandzadeh would go on to sign a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens, posting 30 receptions for 398 yards receiving.