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Jay Finley Could Be A Leading Candidate For The Practice Squad

Bengals seventh round draft pick running back Jay Finley posted only 15 yards on seven rushes for a 2.1 yard/rush average Friday night against the Detroit Lions. Also hauling in three receptions for 14 yards receiving, Finley proved to be a decent outlet when the quarterback felt trouble, sneaking out of the backfield to at least prevent the offense from losing yards. Marvin Lewis has praised Finley saying recently during training camp:

"Our little runner Jay Finley who we got at the end of the draft I think will make an impact for us...he's a guy who will make a big difference for us this year, gives us what we were looking for and is that kind of change-of-pace guy that has great speed and the ability to catch a football."

Lewis continued:

"He's got great quickness and shows an ability to make people miss. Yesterday when we did the one-on-ones I thought he did a great job separating from the linebackers. You saw a lot of separation and once he got that crack you saw the speed for a long run."

That being said, if the Bengals decide only to take three running backs, that will leave Finley looking in from the outside. As writer Geoff Hobson surmises, Finley "looks to be leading the practice squad derby ahead of Griffin and Williams."