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Guard Otis Hudson May Not Return Until After October 23 Bye Week

One thing is clear after Friday night's game: The Bengals offensive guards need to improve and they need to do it quickly. Nate Livings allowed a quarterback sack and negated a 10-yard Brian Leonard screen on a holding penalty. Bobbie Williams allowed a Ndamukong Suh pass rush that drilled Andy Dalton, knocking his helmet off in the process -- not what you'd call the most productive development for a rookie quarterback. Veteran free agent Max Jean-Gilles played worst amongst all of the veterans, routinely bullied by defensive tackle Rob Callaway Friday night. Jean-Gilles was eventually pulled for offensive tackle Andrew Gardner (though we're not sure if it's as a result of his performance or just simple preseason rotation to get looks from other guys).

In fact the lone positive we got out of Cincinnati's performance Friday night, save for decent rush blocks by Williams, was the performance by rookie Clint Boling, holding his own during both pass protection and rushing blocking. But as much as we want change, change, change, it might not come for a while.

Backup guard Otis Hudson was proclaimed by coach Paul Alexander as the most improved offensive lineman behind Andre Smith. Unfortunately Hudson left practice last week on crutches with still an unidentified injury (at least that we know of). However the injury is serious enough. According to Geoff Hobson of, Otis Hudson could be unavailable until "after the October 23 bye because of an injury."