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Mike Zimmer Stressing Tighter Coverage On Monday

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Even with Adam Jones and Brandon Ghee out, the Cincinnati Bengals allowed opposing Detroit quarterbacks to complete 23 of 33 passes for 280 yards passing, three touchdowns and a passer rating of 125.8. We suspect that that would generate a Total QBR score somewhere between 50-100, according to ESPN's explanation with their "revolutionary" quarterback rating (that we agree is a nice update from traditional statistical formulas that we have no clue how it works; only that the numbers themselves are good because we're told so).

Regardless of the fact that this is preseason, the Bengals passing defense just wasn't very good. And Mike Zimmer agreed:

"I wanted to come in and chew some (players out) but I watched the tape and it’s not that bad. Its correctable things," Zimmer said. "I know everyone’s in a panic, we have a sense of urgency too but we’re not panicking."

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals defensive coordinator began "stressing tighter coverage" with his defense on Monday.

"We gave up too many easy catches. I know everyone bitched that the pass rush wasn’t there and all that (stuff) but the ball came out less than 2½ seconds every time. They were all quick throws so if we’re going to make him pull the ball down we have to cover better. It’s not just we weren’t pass rushing, that’s what everyone says. Well, we didn’t have the chance because we didn’t cover anyone.

"We’ve been emphasizing not being tight but being in the right place and trying to teach concepts. Even then regardless of if we blitzed or didn’t blitz we still have to cover better. We were soft. I was more embarrassed about how we didn’t challenge receivers. That’s more my fault than anyone’s."