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Bengals Early Bird Special


Good morning everyone! I hope you got your week started off on the right foot. If you didn't then try starting it on the left one for a change.

So I have some BREAKING NEWS!

The Bengals were forced to delay practice yesterday for over three hours after players reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the field. Head coach Marvin Lewis and the rest of the coaching staff immediately cleared the players from the field while police and forensic investigators were called upon to examine the field.  Once the examination was completed by Gil Grissom and company it was determined that the unknown white substance that the players encountered was actually the GOAL LINE! Practice shortly resumed after it was determined that the Bengals were unlikely to encounter the substance again anytime in the the foreseeable future.

I knew this day would come......

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from  Monday.