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Hobson: Bengals to Host UFL Receiver Calvin Russell For a Visit

Calvin Russell
Calvin Russell

According to Geoff Hobson, the Bengals will be hosting UFL receiver Calvin Russell to visit with the team. Russell was one of Bengals new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden's receivers when he was the head coach of the Florida Tuskers.

Another Gruden receiver headed here for workout to help with injuriesless than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

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Russell was signed by the Green Bay Packers in 2006 as a rookie free agent out of Tuskegee University. He played in three games for the Packers without a single reception. In 2010, for the Florida Tuscers, with Gruden as his head coach, he played in eight games, caught 22 passes for 365 yards and three touchdowns.

If Russell makes the team, he would join a talented and deep wide receiver corps including A.J. Green, Jerome Simpson, Jordan Shipley and Andre Caldwell.