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Bengals Score Big TV Ratings

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The Cincinnati Bengals may not have put on a great show for their fans this past Friday against the Detroit Lions, but that did not stop people from tuning in to watch. The Bengals - Lions game on WKRC-TV (Channel 12) drew a 12.7 rating, which was over double what the Cincinnati Reds - San Diego Padres game drew. The next closest show was Dateline NBC with a 5.7 rating.

Most Bengals fans are bracing for a poor season, however they still make an effort to watch the team. Perhaps due to the lockout fans have been so starved for football that they could not care less about the quality of team as long as they get to watch. Or, maybe Bengals fans have gotten used to ineptitude and are now gluttons for punishment. Most likely however, Bengals fans are just excited to see how a young team progresses through the year.

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