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Commentary: More Drama From the Palmers

The Bengals have started the 2011 preseason and they've done it without the former quarterback that need not be named. The offense is now being led by Andy Dalton, who, despite the ugly 34-3 loss to the Lions on Friday, looked pretty good once he got in a groove.

So, there's no need to ever talk about that old quarterba.......... NOOOOO!

Somehow, that old quarterback, Carson Palmer, seems to make his way into the news and onto this website. I don't like it either. 

According to a Tweet from Dennis Janson of Cincinnati's WCPO, Palmer isn't happy with how the Bengals are treating his little brother, Jordan Palmer, who is competing against Dan LeFevour for a spot on the team as a third-string quarterback.

Carson Palmer tells friend, #Bengals are toying with brother Jordan. Few reps etc. Expects him to be cut but too late to sign elsewhere.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Since Dalton played the entire first half of the game against the Lions on Friday, backups Bruce Gradkowski, Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour had to split up the second half. Gradkowski, understandably, got most of the work, and Palmer and LeFevour only played about a series each.

Now, if you're beginning to get angry, like me, click the jump.

I call bullshit, Carson Palmer.

Since you decided to bail on the Bengals and go home to watch football on TV, I don't think what the team does with its quarterbacks, including your brother, is much of your business anymore.

Besides, how much playing time do you expect your brother to get? He's a backup to the backup and the only way he will be on the field in the regular season would be because something awful happened and the first two quarterbacks were incapacitated. Coming out of the longest work stoppage in NFL history with a rookie quarterback, the Bengals will need to give as much playing time as possible to Dalton to get him ready for the upcoming regular season opener on September 11 at Cleveland. That means less playing time for the other quarterbacks, including Jordan Palmer.

If the team didn't have a rookie quarterback that needed to soak up extra playing time, Jordan Palmer might have some more time on the field. Partially thanks to Carson, that's not the case.

On top of all that, when Jordan Palmer did get into the game against the Lions, he was given the opportunity to move the ball down the field. He threw four passes and completed two of them. One of those completions was to a Bengals receiver for seven yards and one was to the Lions. It's not like that performance earned more time on the field.

In the end, Carson Palmer quit and cut his ties with the Bengals. What they do at the quarterback position, including his brother, isn't his business anymore. I don't think they're "toying" with Jordan Palmer at all because the quarterbacks who are ahead of him on the depth chart need more time on the field. However, even if they are "toying" with Jordan, maybe Carson should have thought about that before he decided to quit.

Just sayin'.

Now I feel better.