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Roster Prediction: Top Four Wide Receiver Positions Are Locked

While we continue perusing into players that we believe are locks to make this year's squad, there are times in which our method of "overthinking it way too much" can appear as waffling. This might be one of those times, at least initially.

It's beyond a reasonable doubt that A.J. Green, Jerome Simpson and Jordan Shipley made this year's roster. We're not as certain with Andre Caldwell, mostly because of placement. Provided all three receivers are healthy in front of him, the likely scenario Caldwell touches the field is during four-wide formations or during mop-up duty while the Bengals are slamming the bloody noses of their opponents. Of course injuries do happen in this sport and having Caldwell available does help this team's depth.

Based off what we know today, Caldwell makes the team. And that's largely because we don't see Landon Cox, Andrew Hawkins, Jamere Holland, Bart Johnson, Calvin Russell, John Standeford or Ryan Whalen replacing him. Which brings us down to two positions for undrafted free agents, Cosby and Whalen to fight over; though strictly based on predictions, not whom is locked for this roster, Cosby and Whalen appear as the favorites due ot their likely contributions on special teams.

Wide receivers (4): A.J. Green, Jerome Simpson, Jordan Shipley, Andre Caldwell