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Roster Prediction: Difference Is Between Number Of Tight Ends To Keep

Two out of the past five years, the Bengals completed their 53-man roster (before waivers) by only keeping two tight ends. All of whom included Reggie Kelly (save for 2009), now with the Atlanta Falcons. The only lock we have right now is the team's second-year tight end Jermaine Gresham, who set a franchise rookie record with most receptions by a rookie tight end last year.

Assuming that the team takes three tight ends, it leaves two positions open for third-year player Chase Coffman, veteran free agent Bo Scaife and undrafted free agent Colin Cochart and John Nalbone. Coffman and Scaife appear as likely candidates to fill the tight end roster with Cochart finding a way onto the team's practice squad; due to reports that the team likes the kid out of South Dakota State.

And that's the point.

If the Cochart impresses the team enough to keep him on the 53-man roster (anything is possible), that means unless the team takes four tight ends (anything is possible), either Coffman or Scaife would becomes the odd man out. Coffman is currently listed second on the team's depth chart and played significantly with the first team as the second tight end during double tight end formations. When Scaife entered the game, he appeared a little a little slow; however with Scaife's veteran history and the offense's age, the coaching staff may value experience and a veteran presence at this point.

Tight Ends (1): Jermaine Gresham