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Now We're Talking: CHFF Ranks The Bengals 29th In Power Rankings

Even though the general interest for Power Rankings is lacking any substantial analysis, resorting to a subjective account of one's personal opinion on offseason moves (not that there's anything wrong with that), we gutted it out and posted two Power Rankings that listed Cincinnati in last place.

According to Pro Football Weekly, the Bengals had the worst offseason "period." And ESPN cited the team's change from the Chad Palmer (or Carson Ochocinco) era that will provide "plenty of growing pains with young players."

Cold Hard Football Facts isn't buying into that theory. While they only ranked the Bengals 29th (which isn't last), CHFF calls the Bengals best offseason move:

Bruce Gradkowski is a longtime CHFF favorite; if you’re going to go 4-12 with a miserable Carson Palmer, why not do it with a fiery Gradkowski?

As we've pointed out rankings are largely meaningless things, besides the unified discussion on how we can help a publication from watching a dancing pink elephant singing Frank Sinatra songs in the corner of the room. Though there is a general curiosity on how people see the Bengals and how deviated it is from our own view.