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Report: Bengals Interested in Terrelle Pryor; Staff Will Attend Workout

JEANNETTE, PA - AUGUST 12:  Terrelle Pryor works out at a practice facility on August 12, 2011 in Jeannette, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
JEANNETTE, PA - AUGUST 12: Terrelle Pryor works out at a practice facility on August 12, 2011 in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
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Former Ohio State University quarterback Terrelle Pryor is the subject of much controversy these days. It all began a few months ago when he was accused of taking improper benefits (along with numerous other players) that ultimately led to him being suspended for the first five games of the 2011 NCAA season. Eventually Pryor voluntarily withdrew from the University and was subsequently banned from all university athletic programs and any incoming recruits. The scandal hovering over the Ohio State University eventually led to Head Coach Jim Tressel resigning from OSU. When Pryor left the university, his only option was to declare for the NFL's Supplemental Draft, due to the timing of everything coming down.

With the lockout this offseason, many wondered if there would even be a Supplemental Draft for Pryor to enter. After some deliberation, the NFL decided earlier in the week that the Supplemental Draft would take place on Monday, August 22nd. Along with that decision, came the controversial one from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that Terrelle Pryor would be suspended the first five games of his NFL career. He will not be able to participate in any activities until after week five of the NFL season. Pryor plans to reportedly allow the Player's Assocation to appeal  Goodell's ruling after he signs a contract.

Pryor will be holding his personal workout/Pro Day for NFL teams this weekend. According to writer, Geoff Hobson, the Bengals staff will be on hand to watch Pryor's workout:

It's believed the Bengals are interested enough in former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor that they'll staff this weekend's workout headed by former Bengals quarterback and assistant coach Ken Anderson before Monday's supplemental draft.

This bit of news would no doubt be polarizing to Bengals fans. Pryor is a talented player, but troubled and raw as an NFL quarterback prospect. Those three adjectives--talented, troubled and raw--seem to be three that the Bengals staff like in a young player. Many experts feel that Pryor may not even make it in the NFL as a quarterback and he may have to look to a conversion to a wide receiver to have a productive career. Those same experts predict that Pryor wouldn't go until round five or later in this year's Supplemental Draft. On the other hand, in drafting Pryor with his talent and athleticism, the Bengals would have a wild card insurance policy in their pocket in case Andy Dalton proves he's not the answer at quarterback.

While it would be somewhat of a surprise that the Bengals would draft two rookie quarterbacks in the same year, it also wouldn't be that far-fetched of a scenario. Owner Mike Brown loves talented but troubled kids that he can get value from. He also has strong ties to Ohio State and wouldn't be opposed to taking a hometown player. The Bengals also have an extra draft pick in next year's Draft from the Chad Ochocinco trade and that would make it easier for them to part with a pick when they have an extra one. It's unclear just how strong the interest is from the Bengals at this point, but it's obviously strong enough for them to take a look at Pryor this weekend. If the Bengals decided to draft Pryor, it would only be the second time in their team's history that they took a player via the Supplemental Draft. The first and currently only player they've taken was linebacker Ahmad Brooks, taken in the third round of 2006.

Though Pryor is the most high-profile player in this year's Supplemental Draft, there are a handful of other players entering as well. Western Carolina defensive back Torez Jones, Georgia running back Caleb King, Lindenwood defensive end Keenan Mace, North Carolina defensive end Mike McAdoo and Northern Illinois defensive back Tracy Wilson are all entering this year along with Pryor.