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Carlos Dunlap Likely to Miss Jets Game on Sunday

Bengals second-year pass rushing expert, Carlos Dunlap will likely miss his second straight preseason game on Sunday night. The defensive end missed the first preseason game, a 34-3 loss to the Lions, on Friday night because of a knee injury and that same injury will keep him out this Sunday when the rest of the team takes the field in New York (well.... New Jersey, actually) against the Jets.

A dozen players didn't work Friday, among them running back Jay Finley and left end Carlos Dunlap. They didn't practice at all this week and most likely won't play.

There hasn't been much word on what it is exactly that is keeping Dunlap from taking the field. It's been hinted at that it's not a very serious problem and it's likely that the team is resting Dunlap so he doesn't get hurt when the games matter. However, I hope this isn't some sort of trend. The Bengals have had a hard enough time getting to the quarterback and without Dunlap, the team's ability to rush the passer is significantly lowered.

Hopefully Dunlap will be back on the field soon.