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Bengals Early Bird Special

Good morning everyone! I hope you all found a way to beat the heat yesterday.

So another day and nothing has really changed in Bengal Nation. I wish there was something going on. Other than Mike Brown being the WORST OWNER in the league.

Mike Brown still owns the Bengals. He still makes the most puzzling moves. I mean his latest moves of claiming a wide receiver? Really? Are you serious? Last time I checked the Bengals had some depth there and that position, in my opinion is not one the Bengals need to have high on their list of priorities.

Don't the Bengals need to address safety (stop dragging your feet through the mud on Whitner)? The offensive line (guard, tackle, another fluffy guy to try and stop opposing defenses)? A general manager? The hot dog and beer vendors? I think those areas are more pressing than wide receiver. Yeah I know we don't have a "seasoned" receiver who has ten years of experience. No we don't. We have Andre Caldwell who is the most experienced. Caldwell, Shipley, Green, and Simpson for a season. Honestly, I think I can live with that considering the Bengals aren't going to be winning many games.

But I do have some news to share with you. The Bengals have signed Manny Lawson to a one-year deal worth $3 million. Now that's a nice additon to the defense. At least Brown is able to address the defense, albeit he's ignoring the offense for the most part. Sorry, but Bruce Gradkowski does not intrigue me. At least our defense should be able to keep us in games. As for our offense that's another story.

Everyone grab 182 cases of your favorite beer, 28 packs of hot dogs or burgers, your "I Hate Mike Brown" t-shirts, and make sure you have some brown paper bags. This is going to be one very long season. Prepare yourselves for a roller coaster season.

Alright here's a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Monday.

  • The Bengals have interest in former Washington Redskins center Casey Rabach. The only way I can look at this possible signing is that it adds more depth at center.
  • The Bengals claimed Artrell Hawkins' younger brother off of waivers from the St. Louis Rams. Again I see this move as one that adds depth. But who knows maybe he'll be able to contribute to the team this season.
  • This weekend the Bengals intend to have a variation of scrimmages and mock games. It might be the only time that they can claim to have beat someone.....
  • Rookie linebacker Dontay Moch looked impressive at practice. That's a good sign since he's transitioning to linebacker from defensive end.
  • Hey Mike Brown, just so you know winning a Super Bowl is another way to help teams generate money. Wait a minute, the Bengals haven't won a Super that means you don't know that fascinating tidbit? Maybe it's time you hire a general manager since you are not capable of operating a football team.
  • Geoff Hobson doesn't believe that Donte Whitner was even on the Bengals radar. Well, let's hope that's not the case. According to Joe Reedy the Bengals and Whitner continue to talk, but no contract has been struck as of this moment. Get 'er done  Mike Brown! I can't believe I just used a Larry the Cable Guy reference. What is wrong with me?
  • Bengals place-kicker Mike Nugent starts off on the "right foot." Pun intended.
  • Head coach Marvin Lewis is pleased with Carlos Dunlap's growth. Dunlap equals future leader on defensive line. I'm going to stick by my statement.
  • On the third training camp the Bengals decided to wear pads. For some reason when I read that I kind of sing it to the tune of the "12 Days of Christmas." I don't know. That's just me.
  • Check out the "Bengals Round Table"discussion. It's a discussion between the staff of Cincy Jungle. It's rather amusing.
  • From early observations it would appear as if A.J. Green is putting on a show at training camp. I can't wait to see Green during game action.
  • On Sunday Andy Dalton struggled during practice. Nothing to worry about in my opinion. It's only training camp. If his struggles carry over into the regular season then that's the time we should all be worried.
  • Even though it's early, the Bengals rookie running backs have been taking over in the backfield.
  • Time to update the injury report. Cornerback Jonathan Wade is out with a shoulder problem and tight end Garrett Miles is in a boot.