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Bengals Lead The NFL With Over $41 Million Under The Salary Cap

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Take note. The Cincinnati Bengals actually leads the NFL in something. According to Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk, the Bengals have the largest salary cap room in the NFL with over $41 million available; the Jaguars come in second with over $34 million. The Cleveland Browns (over $30.4 million), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (over $30.2 million) and the San Francisco 49ers (more than $30 million) round out the teams with over $30 million in cap space.

We have to point out that we're not sure when the exact numbers were figured, considering the Bengals signed outside linebacker Manny Lawson to a one-year deal worth $3 million late Monday night; though we're fairly certain Lawson's deal doesn't do much in terms of pushing Cincinnati out of that top spot.

Excluding rookies, undrafted free agents, restricted free agents and exclusive rights free agents, the Bengals have signed seven unrestricted free agents this season.

Player Position Years Salary
Thomas Howard Linebacker Two $6.5 Million
Bruce Gradkowski Quarterback Two N/A
Brian Leonard Running Back Two $2 Million*
Gibril Wilson Safety One N/A
Cedric Benson Running Back One $3 Million**
Nate Clements Cornerback Two $10.5 Million***
Manny Lawson Linebacker One $3 Million

* $500,000 in incentives
** $2 million in incentives
*** $6 million guaranteed