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Andre Smith's Weight Lowers To 333 Pounds; Jean-Gilles In The 310-320 Range

"Hey Whit, look the other way."
"Hey Whit, look the other way."

With news that the Bengals signed Philadelphia Eagles guard Max Jean-Gilles, we were wondering that if planted Jean-Gilles at left guard, how big would the Bengals offensive line would be. Taking the weights for Whitworth, Cook and Williams off, while inputting Smith's self-reported weight at 338 pounds and using's biographical page for Jean-Gilles, the Cincinnati Bengals offensive line would weigh roughly 1,692 pounds, or 338.4 pounds each (B.J. Raji weighed less than the average weight of the Bengals offensive line).

    Weight League Avg. Diff.
LT Andrew Whitworth 335 316.0 +19.0
LG Max Jean-Gilles 315-320 315.1 +42.9
C Kyle Cook 316 305.8 +10.2
RG Bobbie Williams 345 317.6 +27.4
RT Andre Smith 338 318.3 +19.7

Obviously we're projecting Jean-Gilles as the starter, which may not happen as per offensive line coach Paul Alexander. If it doesn't happen, then Nate Livings and his puny 332 pounds would still give Cincinnati a respectable 333.2-pound average. But in reality, there's just something about having two offensive guards weighing more than their neighbor offensive tackles. People make camp fire songs about this.

But no. It's not meant to be. According to the Wilmington News Journal, Jean-Gilles reportedly lost 30 pounds and now "weights in the neighborhood of 315-320." He also reportedly had gastric lap-band inserted that helped him to initially lose 50 pounds after being upwards to 400 pounds.

So how much does this hurt our averages? Taking into account Jean-Gilles projected weight of 320, the average weight for the Bengals offensive line drops dramatically to 330.8 pounds.

But weight (puns rule!). There's more.

Andre says at 333 pounds best he s felt since collegeless than a minute ago via txt Favorite Retweet Reply

Now we're down to 1,649 pounds, or 329.8 pounds per linemen. It's great that these boys are taking care of themselves, losing weight. But I have to admit, I'm a little sad.

[Editor's note: Yes, I originally was writing that I was stoked about the weight of this line, but then I read more about Jean-Gilles and Smith losing weight. But I'm sure you can totally tell]