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Roster Prediction: Bengals Secondary Remains Wide Open

Defensive Backs (5): Chris Crocker, Reggie Nelson, Leon Hall, Nate Clements, Morgan Trent

We're largely reserved at this point with our defensive backs. Adam Jones is still dealing with a neck injury, claiming he'll be ready by the regular season opener. That being said the Bengals will need to complete their secondary roster with two cornerbacks and if Jones isn't able to recover, that leaves Rico Murray, Fred Bennett, Jonathan Wade, Brandon Ghee and Korey Lindsey. Ghee's inactivity due to injury hurts him. Fred Bennett had a rough showing against the Lions. Though he didn't have a great showing against the Lions, Lindsey could be a favorite due to the team using a draft pick on him -- not that that's any guarantee to make the roster.

For the time being we're using a bench mark of 5-5; five cornerbacks and five safeties. Though the cornerback position seems wide open at this point, safety has a little more stability. After Crocker and Nelson, the Bengals have four players fighting for (likely) three spots meaning that Gibril Wilson, Tom Nelson, Robert Sands or Jeromy Miles would be the odd man out.