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Saturday Open Thread

Of the 10 teams that play preseason games today, seven teams play the Bengals in the regular season this year -- the Titans, the Rams, the 49ers, the Texans, the Bills, the Broncos and the Seahawks. Today we can get a decent look at what these teams will look like when the Bengals play them later on in the year.

On a different note, don't go see Conan the Barbarian. I decided to go see it last night and the only thing I'll tell you is that I would have rather taken my $20, lit it on fire and then stared at a wall for 2 hours without blinking. Yes, it was that bad.

So, feel free to discuss the preseason games today, what you hope to see happen when the Bengals take the field tomorrow against the Jets, the worst movie you've ever seen or whatever you'd like to talk about.