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Pregame Open Thread: Cincinnati Bengals At New York Jets

Tonight's game against the New York Jets is perhaps the most anticipated preseason game in some time, second only to Cincinnati's eventual 31-point loss to the Detroit Lions last Friday. How much will they improve? Can Leon Hall stop Santonio Holmes or Plaxico Burress? Will the offense score a touchdown and how will bubble players impact the team's 2011 roster? Is Clinton McDonald still on pace to claim a spot on the roster, carrying over his excellent play from last Friday?

Also Joe Goodberry needs your help for his weekly reviews, wondering who he should focus on. Choose a poll option and that selection will tell Joe who you're most interested in checking out.

That being said the pregame roster will go until a half-hour from kickoff, where the game's open thread takes over. Talk about your expectations for the game, where you hope to improve or whatever else you want. After all the meaning of an open thread is that it's, you know, open.