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Video Review: When Punters Become Your Biggest Asset

Having a punter that turn the field is invaluable. When Cincinnati was pushed against their own goal line midway through the first quarter, Kevin Huber came onto the field with the Bengals snapping from their own nine-yard line. Having such a young offense that's expected to struggle, the team could benefit greatly with a 77-yard punt out of the endzone. Hey, look. Kevin Huber crushed a 77-yard punt out of the endzone, forcing the Jets to start from their own 22-yard line.

The shock resonated with the Jets offense, taking their first down snap with 9:45 left in the first quarter. The Bengals showed a six-man defensive front with Manny Lawson on the right and Reggie Nelson on the left to New York's standard I-formation. By the time Sanchez and Tomlinson completed the exchange, Reggie Nelson was three yards deep into the backfield because apparently they don't see safeties with humongous long dreads lurking around the line of scrimmage. Nelson drilled Tomlinson for a two-yard loss.

Though he allowed a five-yard reception on second down, what's impressive about Nate Clements here is that no matter what wide receiver Jeremy Kerley tried, Clements never let go. Thomas Howard and his 230 pounds of attitude completed the tackle.

After a false start negated the five yards gained during the previous play, New York established a three-wide formation that forced the Bengals into nickel. Sanchez hands off and lanes opened like Moses parting of the sea. Michael Johnson didn't know it was a run until Tomlinson was already five yards beyond the line of scrimmage. Frostee Rucker (at right defensive tackle), likely expecting to rush the passer, was struck by Nick Mangold blocking down. The entire right side of the offensive line released into the second level, taking out Rey Maualuga and Thomas Howard while Geno Atkins was taken out by the Jets fullback John Conner. Crocker came down from his safety position and made the sure-handed tackle for only a six-yard gain.