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Film Review: Bengals Offense Throughout the Second Quarter -- Part One

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Editor's note: This is part one of a detailed description of the Bengals offensive plays in the first half of Sunday night's preseason game against the Jets. This post details the first drive of the second half.

First Drive: Touchdown!

The Bengals began the second quarter in the middle of their most successful drive of the game. They started with the ball in Jets territory for the first time. The first play of the second quarter was a pass. With the ball on the Jets' 47-yard line, the team lined up with receivers in a bunch formation on the right and A.J. Green wide left. Dalton was in shotgun with Brian Leonard to his right. It was second down and nine. Dalton took the snap and dropped back. The offensive line did a great job setting up the screen and by the time Leonard popped out behind the line, there was a wide open late with Bobbie Williams in front of him. Leonard ran the ball down the sideline and was knocked out of bounds around the 14-yard line, making it the longest offensive play of the game.

The next play, the Bengals lined up in the shotgun again. There were two receivers to the right and Leonard went in motion to the left, leaving Dalton alone in the backfield. Dalton threw a quick pass to A.J. Green, who was lined up in the slot on the right side, but the pass went through Green's hands and fell incomplete.

The Bengals then lined back up with Dalton in the shotgun again. Leonard was to his right. Green was wide right, Simpson wide left and Shipley in the left slot. Dalton took the snap and found Shipley, who ran a quick out, and connected with him. Shipley caught the pass and was forced out of bounds just short of the 10-yard line, setting up third and six.

The Bengals lined up in the shotgun again. Leonard was left of Dalton. Green was wide right with Shipley in the slot and Simpson was wide left. Dalton took the snap and the Jets sent just about everybody after him. The offensive line held their ground though. Shipley ran a quick slant and Dalton hit him with a bullet pass and Shipley was taken down on the one-yard line for a first down.

The next play the Bengals lined up in a power I formation with Leonard as the running back and Chris Pressley as the fullback. Pressley plowed between the guard and tackle on the right side of the line and left guard Nate Livings pulled and did the same. Leonard followed the two and plunged into the end zone for the team's first touchdown of the preseason.

After Mike Nugent kicked the extra point through, the score was 10-7.