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Film Review: Bengals Second Half Offensive Highlights

Editor's Note: After detailing every single offensive play, both good and bad, from the first half of Sunday night's Bengals game against the Jets, we decided to take it easy throughout the second half and just give details on big plays. It made things a little easier.

Highlight: Gradkowski Goes Deep to Caldwell

With 10:41 left in the third quarter, the Bengals had the ball on their own 20 yard line. It was first and 20, thanks to a holding call on Clint Boling from the previous play.

Instead of getting upset about the penalty, though, the Bengals just said, "Eh. We'll get those yards back right now. While we're at it, let's get some more."

The very next play, the Bengals lined up in the power I formation with Bruce Gradkowski, the team's second-string quarterback, under center. Andre Caldwell was wide right. Gradkowski faked and hand off to the running back and continued to drop back in the pocket. Pressure came from the right side linebacker but was picked up by the fullback. Before anybody could lay a finger on the quarterback, Gradkowski launched a pass down the right sideline where Caldwell was streaking down the field.

Caldwell caught the pass on the Jets' 41-yard line and managed to get both heals in bounds before he fell backwards out of bounds. Donald Strickland was in coverage. It's unclear whether he got drawn in for a split second on the play action or if Caldwell burnt him.

Lowlight: Gradkowski Throws the Team's Third Interception

After forcing the Jets to punt, the Bengals got the ball back on the 32-yard line. The offense set up in the shotgun formation with Gradkowski back to take the snap and a wide receiver wide on each side and a tight end on the left side of the line. Gradkowski took the snap and Andrew Hawkins, the wide receiver to the right, ran an out. Not only did, Brashton Satele, the linebacker covering Hawkins, jump the route but Gradkowski was broadcasting where he was going to throw the ball.

Satele picked off the pass and ran it all the way back to the three-yard line before Hawkins caught him from behind.

As you can imagine, the Jets scored in the next series.

Lowlight: LeFevour Fumbles

On a third and 10 play with 5:56 left in the game, the Bengals set up in the shotgun. Dan LeFevour was in the game at that point and was no doubt looking to seal his place as the team's third-string quarterback.

He took the snap and was almost immediately chased out of the pocket by Aaron Maybin, who made Matthew O'Donnell look like his feet were made of concrete blocks. LeFevour had an opening to get to the sideline and possibly turn up field, but for some reason he stopped like he was going to throw the ball. He obviously didn't know that Maybin was right behind him. Maybin put his helmet between LeFevour's shoulder blades and the quarterback fumbled the ball.

Two Jets players had a chance to get to the ball but Bengals wide receiver Bart Johnson got there first and recovered the fumble.

The Bengals were forced to punt.