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Former Bengals Offensive Lineman Suffers Serious Neck Injury

Former Bengals offensive lineman Scott Kooistra suffered what's being described as a "pretty serious injury" that could put his entire NFL career in jeopardy. According to Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500, Kooistra is believed to have injured his C-2 vertebra "near the top of his spinal cord" against the Seattle Seahawks last weekend. Kooistra is still in Seattle and reportedly in stable condition. Kooistra, a career backup, was in the competition to start as the Minnesota Vikings right guard.

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted Kooistra in the seventh round of the 2003 NFL draft (215th overall). As a backup offensive tackle and guard and significant special teams contributor, Kooistra played 84 games with the Cincinnati Bengals, often as relief for Willie Anderson at right tackle towards the end of his Bengals career. He was waived twice in 2009 and eventually signed on with the Cleveland Browns. After being cut, waived, signed, waived, with the Cleveland Browns, the team's former backup offensive lineman signed with the Baltimore Ravens in early October; though he didn't play any games.

The Vikings have already placed Kooistra on Injured Reserve for the season.