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Suspect In Antwan Odom Shooting Turns Himself In

Antwan Odom's offseason puts things into perspective. Injuries and an illegal substance violation forced the defensive end to miss 26 of 48 games, eventually losing his job. Odom's Mason home suffered a fire in March that was described as a "total loss". No evidence of arson was found and Odom's family was in Alabama at the time. And then early Monday morning Odom was reportedly shot in the leg.

According to authorities, Tony Gildersleeve, who is reportedly a childhood friend of Odom's, entered Odom's through an unlocked door, went into Odom's bedroom and fired two shots with a .410 shotgun. After missing with the first shot, Gildersleeve reportedly fired again, hitting Odom in the upper right thigh.

When deputies arrived, they found Odom had been shot in the upper right thigh, officials said. He was taken to a local hospital with an injury that was considered non-life-threatening, officials said.

The suspect, Tony Gildersleeve, turned himself into authorities around noon on Monday, charged with attempted murder.

Authorities indicated Gildersleeve's girlfriend was inside the home at the time of the shooting, but was not injured in the incident.

The suspect and victim wrestled over the gun, according to police reports, but Gildersleeve eventually fled the scene, leaving behind the gun.