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Open Thread: Did You Feel The Earthquake?

Bengals are 0-2 in the preseason, have been outscored 61-10 and the team's rookie quarterback has a passer rating of 30.9. Though the combined effort of the offensive line has only allowed two quarterback sacks, the team's average rush is hovering around 3.7 yards/rush. What's even the biggest concern out of all of this is how badly the Bengals backup and third stringers are getting knocked around in the second half.

That being said many Bengals fans remain encouraged with a future that still presents a lot of unexpected scenarios. On the other hand, many fans have suddenly become stingy conservative with their new-born expectations of complete disaster after watching the first two preseason games and the rest are stuck on their Mike Brown arguments like stink on shit.

And holy crap. Did you feel the Earthquake in Virgina? Where did you feel it from?

I work in downtown Dayton and a couple surrounding buildings are evacuating. I'm heading out now to explain to them the importance of reading Cincy Jungle everyday.