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Cornerback Brandon Ghee Returns To Practice

Since being drafted by the Bengals in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft (96th overall), cornerback Brandon Ghee has dealth with injuries during his short career. In the 2010 preseason, Ghee suffered a concussion against the Buffalo Bills while making a tackle that, quite literally, knocked him out until the regular season. Ghee's inexperience as a rookie coupled with this injury prompted the Bengals to sign Adam Jones as an insurance policy for the regular season.

Ghee then suffered a groin injury that nagged him for most of the season. It held him for much of the season, finally culminated with him going on season-ending Injured Reserve. With his disappointing rookie campaign behind him, Ghee was focusing on getting healthy for 2011, as well as looking for an increased role on the defense.

With the departure of Johnathan Joseph and the uncertainty surrounding the situation Morgan Trent's knee injury at the onset of camp, the Bengals were looking for Ghee to step up this year. To their chigrin, Ghee has been nursing another injury that has been kept mum to the public. He has not suited up for any games and has missed quite a few practices. That changed today. According to Ghee's Twitter account, Ghee suited back up for practice:

This preseason, the reserve players in the team's secondary have looked downright terrible. With both Ghee and Adam Jones out this preseason, guys like Jonathan Wade, David Pender and Fred Bennett have all struggled. Ghee's apparent return should boost the overall defensive secondary, coupled with Adam Jones' eventual return.