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Adam Jones Looks to be Back on the Field by Week 3

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The Bengals secondary is beginning to take shape. Even though the team lost Johnathan Joseph to free agency, they still have Leon Hall, they signed Nate Clements and, most recently, traded for Taylor Mays. Mike Zimmer's secondary also has former first-round pick Adam Jones, even though Jones hasn't been able to take the field due to a neck injury suffered last season and offseason surgery.

However, according to a recent Tweet from Jones himself, Zimmer could have the talented cornerback back on the field by the third week of the season.

Yesterday I ran around with the helment I should be ready bye week 3less than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

Even though the team lost Joseph, which was a big hit, the secondary can recover. Leon Hall is still a top-tier corner, Clements is capable and Mays adds much needed depth and talent at the safety position. When Jones returns to the team, the Bengals' secondary will be extremely talented.

If the front seven can get a consistant pass rush, the secondary, with Jones back on the field, could clean up.