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Former Bengals Safety Roy Williams Joins The Sooner Radio Network

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ESPN Insider Adam Schefter speculates that former Bengals and Cowboys safety Roy Williams isn't planning to return to the NFL, taking on a more proactive roll in the media. Williams has agreed to join the Sooner Radio Network as a host for Oklahoma's pregame show, as well as a sideline analyst for home games and "selected" road games.

"I want to be the players’ voice," Williams said. "Sometimes, fans may not understand a coverage or a subtle mistake that was made, and I think I can offer that insight. This is a great opportunity to come back and be involved. It’s going to be fun."

Williams isn't officially retired from the NFL, keeping the door open.

"If the right offer came along, I guess I’d have to think about (playing again)," he said. "I’ve got a new daughter, and 10 years from now, I want to be able to get out of bed in the morning and play with her. Right now, I can do that. I wake up every morning smiling." 

The new media mongol is also scheduled to appear on "the Dallas spinoff of A&E's hit television show 'Storage Wars.'"

Williams, only 31 years old, was selected eight overall during 2002 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. After seven seasons in Dallas, five of which were Pro Bowl seasons, Williams joined the Cincinnati Bengals during consecutive one-year deals, suffering injuries that limited him to 16 total games in a Bengals uniform.