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Time Warner Cable Customers Could Have NFL Network by the Start of the 2011 Season

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For the millions of Time Warner Cable customers who also happen to be football fans, one of the biggest pet peeves has been the unavailability of NFL Network. NFL Network has a contract with Comcast and DirecTV, but not with the second largest cable TV provider in the country.

That may change.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Time Warner Cable and NFL Network could come to an agreement before the start of the regular season.

Ad week quotes Goodell saying: "You'll be happy to know we are in negotiations today with Time Warner. We're trying to get that done... We believe it's good for fans, we thing it's good for Time Warner, and we believe the market's been set."

The Enquirer notes that you shouldn't get too excited quite yet, but if negotiations continue to go the way that they have recently, it could end the five-year stalemate between Time Warner and NFL Network.

NFL Network broadcasts Thursday and Saturday games as well as original programing. The Bengals play one Saturday game against the Arizona Cardinals on Dec. 24.