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Bond Set At $150,000 For Suspect In Antwan Odom Shooting

The Antwan Odom shooting early Monday morning is slippery at best. According to the Mobile County Sheriff's office, the shooting appeared to be the "result of a love-triangle involving friends."

Tony Gildersleeve, whose girlfriend was sleeping with Odom in his bed, reportedly entered Odom's home and fired two shotgun blasts; one that hit the headboard and the other grazing Odom's leg. We have to wonder how Odom's wife and five kids are taking the news. Tina Davis, the woman apparently setting everything off, was high school friends with Odom and Gildersleeve, who is reportedly the father of Gildersleeve's child. Oh boy.

Odom has since been released from the hospital suffering a "flesh wound" to his upper right thigh, returning to his Irvington, Alabama home. The Bengals released Odom before training camp due to an assortment of issues, including constant durability problems.

Gildersleeve is charged with attempted murder and burglary with a bond of $150,000 after appearing in court Wednesday morning. The case is "set for arraignment on August 29."