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Cedric Benson Is Not Worried About Early Struggles On Offense

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Cedric Benson at one point, along with offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth, was becoming one of the team's leaders. And he is not worried about the way the offense has performed in the first two preseason games. Benson acknowledges that there is cause for concern, but the team is not panicking. When asked of the teams mindset, this is what he had to say.

"I wouldn't say worried, but it raises a little question. We didn't gameplan and I'm sure the opposing team didn't either. But it's still a football game. You still want to put your best talents on film and try to win the game. I wouldn't say worried. We've got some question marks we got to definitely answer."

With rookies at quarterback and number one receiver position, coupled with a new offensive system run by a first time NFL offensive coordinator, you had to expect some bumps along the road. The NFL is just too competitive for a unit as inexperienced as the Bengals to come in and excel right off the bat. Benson believes that once the team's comfort level with the offense and with one another increases, the unit will begin to find some success. Benson said, "We've got to execute better, especially the little things. With a young quarterback you have to make sure he's comfortable with the calls and comfortable with guys running their routes and check-downs."

The key, in Benson's mind, is the running game. The Bengals offense returns a fairly veteran offensive line which has had success running the ball in the NFL before and they need to be counted on to take pressure off Andy Dalton and the passing game. Benson is quite confident in the running games ability to do that. He says, "I think we can do a lot of good things. I think the potential is there to get a lot of yards. I think we can win games on the ground." They will certainly need to, because from what we've seen, it will be some time before the passing game starts winning games for the team.

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