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Bengals Preseason Game To Be Blacked Out Locally

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Considering that Cincinnati's preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers Thursday night isn't sold out, the game will be blacked out locally -- anyone within a 75-mile radius of Paul Brown stadium. Areas such as Cincinnati and Dayton, where Thursday night's game will be blacked out, will be able to watch the game on tape delay later that night. Channel 12 in Cincinnati will begin airing the game at 11:35 p.m., whereas Dayton (Ch. 22) will start at 11 p.m. Anyone in Columbus (Ch. 6), Lima (Ch. 35) or Louisville, Kentucky (Ch. 41) will be able to see the game live on their respective affiliates.

That's not to say there isn't options. If say we have a friend in Texas with Direct TV that's able to watch the game and allow, say, a certain friend to remote into that box and watch the game live. Other options include driving outside the 75-mile radius to catch the game live -- though considering it's a preseason game on a Thursday night, that might seem a little much. There's other options that I'm sure those in the comments will refer to.

As for the debate whether the NFL's blackout rules are outdated that fails to apply the dynamics of change -- such as the overwhelming issue that economic times have made it difficult for fans to fork over the money for an NFL game (much less a preseason game) -- is another issue.