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Bengals Take 14-7 Lead On Andy Dalton's 40-Yard Touchdown Pass To A.J. Green

Bernard Scott was supposed to return against the New York Jets. Due to a consistent rainfall, the team held Scott out to protect the durably-challenged running back. His first carry came with 8:54 left in the first half, turning the outside corner on the left with his blazing speed and picking up 10 yards.

With 7:50 remaining in the first half, after another Scott gain that picked up eight yards, Andy Dalton takes the snap under center and fakes the handoff to Benson. Immediately Dalton flings the football down the right sidelines towards A.J. Green, beating Chris Gamble by a good step. The pass, slightly underthrown but with Green padding his lead over Carolina's cornerback, was hauled in and Green and Dalton connected on their first career touchdown connection in game conditions for 40 yards.

Bengals take a 14-7 lead with 7:43 left in the first half. Dalton has completed six of eight passes for 85 yards passing with a touchdown.