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Bengals Take A 24-7 Half Time Lead After Mike Nugent 55-Yard Field Goal

Cincinnati's offense takes the football from their own 26-yard line with :51 seconds left in the game. Do the Bengals run the ball, close down the offense? No. The crazy Cincinnati bastards elect to see how their first team offense conducts the two minute warning.

On first down, Dalton takes the shotgun handoff, hits Jermaine Gresham in stride around the 40-yard line. The tight end stops his momentum before going out of bounds, watching linebacker James Anderson flash in front of him. Gresham picked up another 10 yards on the play.

A quick pass to Jordan Shipley (five yards) and Brian Leonard, running towards the left sidelines (six yards) picks up another first down at Carolina's 42-yard line. With :32 seconds left in the half, Dalton looks left and throws left, hitting Shipley for another five yards before the Bengals use their second time out. On second-and-five, Dalton misses Green down the right sidelines; Green again had the entire secondary beat. Dalton was forced out of the pocket on third down and forces a dump pass that fell incomplete to Brian Leonard.

Mike Nugent hits the field with :13 seconds left in the half and crushes a 55-yard field goal attempt, giving the Bengals a 24-7 lead as we close in on half time.