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Six Starters From The Bengals 2010 Opening Roster Out Of The NFL

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Terrell Owens admitted on Wednesday that no team has contacted him for a job, largely because he still feels like he's 2-3 months away from a full recovery (and largely because he's Terrell Owens) -- the wide receiver tore his ACL and had surgery in April to repair it.

"I'm still not 100 percent to be able to go to a team and contribute," Owens told The Associated Press. "When I get to the point to where I'm comfortable and able to run around, I'll feel like those calls should be coming."

If Owens is unable to play for another team this year, he will mark the sixth starter from the Bengals starting lineup during the team's regular season opener last year that hasn't signed with a new team and thus could be considered "out of the NFL."

Safety Roy Williams reportedly declined an offer with a west coast team to join the Sooner Radio Network as an analyst for Oklahoma Sooner games. Tank Johnson elected to take the season off to focus on his family and Carson Palmer is sitting the season out after the Bengals failed to capitulate Palmer's demand for a trade.

Antwan Odom, released by the Bengals before training camp, was shot in the upper thigh with a shotgun during a situation that appears like a prime candidate for the Jerry Springer show. Dhani Jones hasn't generated any interest this offseason so now he's hosting a VH1 game show called Ton of Cash.

Six players that started for the Bengals during the 2010 opener in New England are out of the NFL (though Palmer isn't technically out), not signing with new teams. Additionally three players that started with the Bengals during last year's regular season opener are with new teams. Chad Ochocinco was traded to the New England Patriots, Reggie Kelly signed with the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent, as did Johnathan Joseph who left for the Houston Texans.

You want to talk about change? Nine players started with the Bengals during last year's regular season opener that are either with new teams or out of the NFL completely.