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A.J. Green Never Had a Doubt

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When Cincinnati Bengals rookie wide receiver A.J. Green hauled in a 40-yard bomb from his rookie quarterback Andy Dalton and stepped into the end zone, he didn't dance or dunk the ball over the field goal post. He just gave a fan that was leaning over the wall a high five and then celebrated with his teammates. He was smiling the entire time.

When he was asked after the game if he was ever concerned about the offense's lack of production and their inability to score he said he wasn't at all.

"It never concerned me. This is a whole new offense with a rookie quarterback and a couple young guys on the outside. Just coming in and practicing every day, I knew we had a chance to be great. I’ve said since day one the sky is the limit for us with this offense."

With the amount of talent that the Bengals have stockpiled at every single offensive skill position, the sky could very well be the limit. Green is considered one of the best wide receiver prospects to come out of the draft since Calvin Johnson and Jerome Simpson has just begun to show what he can do. With Jordan Shipley and Andre Caldwell in the slot, Jermaine Gresham at tight end and Cedric Benson and Bernard Scott in the backfield, the Bengals could very well be an exciting team to watch.

If the Bengals offense has a similar performance against the Colts as they did against the Panthers, I'll begin to believe that the sky is the limit as well.