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Video Review Against Carolina: Andy Dalton And A.J. Green Score Their First Touchdown

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After the Cincinnati Bengals defense held Carolina to only a first down early in the second quarter, the offense resumed their dominance starting from their own 37-yard line. The Bengals line up with single-back double-tight formation with 9:38 left in the first half. After a quick three-step drop that allowed Jermaine Gresham to fired out of his stance from the right tight end position and bend towards the sidelines clearing a safety, Andy Dalton hits A.J. Green on a quick slant that picked up five yards. Even though the pass was well in front of Green, who momentarily slowed, the incredibly talented wide receiver redirected his body while the pass was spiraling through the air making an impressive reception with a dive to the ground.

On the following play in a single-back formation, Dalton hands off to running back Bernard Scott, stretching to the left. Although Nate Livings struggled to seal his block, Scott was able to accelerate around a Panthers defender in the backfield, turning the corner and easily picking up ten yards on the run. Scott resumed the offensive dominance but this time with a combination from various blocks and his unique abilities. At Carolina's 48-yard line with 8:15 left in the first quarter, Scott lines up in the backfield in I-formation with James Develin lead blocking.

Andrew Whitworth and Develin aimed for second level linebackers, leaving defensive end Everette Brown completely unblocked.

Evidence that Scott is awesome: How does he beat Brown? By running faster of course.

Blocks by Develin and Jerome Simpson helped secure Scott's eight-yard run as he was pushed out of bounds. Of course all of that is just the icing on the cake. The entree comes next. Second and two from Carolina's 40-yard line with 7:50 left in the first half. Bengals line up off-set-I strong-side to the right and A.J. Green, covered by veteran Chris Gamble, wide right.

Dalton takes a five-step drop with a play-action fake to Scott while looking downfield towards the right sidelines. The quarterback throws deep towards A.J. Green, who is beating Gamble by a good 2-3 yards downfield. Though the pass was more of a floater, allowing Gamble to recover some of his lost ground, he was still too far beaten to fully recover. Green and Dalton, Cincinnati's first two draft picks, connect for their first of (hopefully) many touchdowns.