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Chris Pressley Ranks As The League's 19th Best Fullback

Curiously wondering an inevitable statement is like saying I wonder what happens when the sun dips beyond the horizon. Well, it gets dark grasshopper. After much thought, calculations and a bunsen burner, we have to agree. When the sun falls, it gets dark outside. Similarly we have to wonder how much the Bengals rushing offense will improve with Chris Pressley taking on the full time role of starting fullback.

Cincinnati's use of a fullback was limited to tight end Reggie Kelly and linebacker Dan Skuta last season. And during the 12 games before Chris Pressley returned to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bengals averaged less than 100 yards rushing per game. At the same time the Bengals rushing offense dropped 0.46 yards/rush from their average compared to the team before Pressley returned to Cincinnati.

  Yards Att Avg. Avg/Gme TDs
Games 1-12 1,108 300 3.69 92.3 6
Games 13-16 414 128 3.23 103.5 2

Now the obvious point.

That's completely and entirely misleading. Why? Pressley only participated in more than 25 offensive snaps twice during that four-game stretch. And during those two games, the Bengals posted their highest yards rushing in a game (188 yards rushing against the San Diego Chargers) and the highest yards rushing in consecutive games (290 yards rushing against San Diego and Cleveland).

Scouts, Inc ranks Pressley as the league's 19th best fullback writing (In$ider):

Pressley is a big strong fullback primarily used as a blocker. He does an excellent job of zeroing in on his target and can roll his hips and explode on through the block, creating movement in the hole.