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Five Bengals Players Rank Inside League's Top 150 Linebackers

Take a look at our linebackers. Rey Maualuga is replacing a departed Dhani Jones at middle linebacker, largely still evolving into the position that was once his natural spot. Keith Rivers suffered a major wrist injury, followed with a procedure that will impact his season this year. Roddrick Muckelroy suffered a season ending injury early during training camp and Dontay Moch broke a bone in his foot, which could keep him out for at least six weeks if he goes on Reserve/PUP.

Cincinnati also signed Thomas Howard, Manny Lawson and brought Brandon Johnson back from the obscurity of free agency.

That being said, and I don't want to trivialize your lives with known information, the Bengals have a quality group of linebackers but are they the league's best? According to Scouts, Inc., there's not.

Rivers (51st) ranks ahead of Maualuga (52nd); though based on previous seasons in which Rivers ranked ahead of Maualuga in tackles, it might be warranted -- though that argument you have to believe is already disappearing. Lawson (53rd), Thomas Howard (104th) and Brandon Johnson (147th) all ranked inside the league's top 150 linebackers according to their rankings.

Former Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones ranked 64th.