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Bengals Used A Seventh Round Draft Pick For Safety Taylor Mays

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The Bengals have oddly enough been heavy trade partners this year, mostly as a response to rebuilding their secondary depth (aka, holy crap Johnathan Joseph actually left) and capitulating to Chad Ochocinco's three-year hope to be traded to the New England Patriots where he's caught two passes for 14 yards receiving. Today it was Kelly Jennings. Last week it was Taylor Mays.

Fans were suspect. The Bengals gave up an undisclosed draft pick, so the prevailing question was: What did we get for Mays? If it's a high draft pick, such as anything through the fourth, then fans would instinctively condemn the trade. A fifth round pick was more acceptable and anything after that was perfectly fine. We just didn't know what that pick was and some of us couldn't sleep through seven nights of hell.

According to Geoff Hobson the Cincinnati Bengals gave a seventh round pick to the San Francisco 49ers for safety Taylor Mays. Now that's a good trade, right?