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What Others Are Saying About Kelly Jennings

Hours after the Bengals announced that they traded defensive tackle Clinton McDonald to the Seattle Seahawks for cornerback Kelly Jennings, SB Nation's Field Gulls favored us with a quick review of what the Bengals were getting. From our immediate perspective Jennings will be competition for Morgan Trent as the nickel and fourth-string cornerbacks. And from our prognosticator machine called "The Awesom-O", Jennings will fill the role of fourth-string cornerback, until Adam Jones is ready to return midway through the season, while Trent earns himself the spot at nickel (a spot I believe he's earned) -- though Marvin Lewis may have already scratched Jennings in as a nickel.

“If he is what we expect, he has a chance to play 500-600 snaps, if not more,” said head coach Marvin Lewis after Monday’s practice. “It gives us more depth at a vital, vital spot in the NFL. It’s a point where a guy (McDonald) may or may not have been on the (game day active list) to a guy (Jennings) that probably will be.”

Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times argues that while Jennings was a serviceable cornerback, the Seahawks just didn't have enough room the former 2006 first-round pick. Though O'Neil points out that Seattle viewed him favorably enough to initially sign him to a one-year deal worth $1.8 million.

And for all the criticism leveled at Jennings in his five seasons in Seattle, he was a serviceable cornerback. He possessed above-average speed even by cornerback standards, started 44 games in his five seasons, and when the Seahawks shipped out one of their undersized cornerbacks a year ago, it was Josh Wilson — and not Jennings — whom they traded to Baltimore.

So why trade Jennings now?

The Seahawks said there wasn't room for a security blanket in the secondary.

Christian Caple of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes that it was a...

...mild surprise that the Seahawks re-signed Jennings in free agency. He drew the ire of many Seahawks fans by blowing man-coverage on numerous plays that resulted in long completions, and he was likely going to be relegated to a backup role this season behind Walter Thurmond. Rookie Brandon Browner has also made a strong case for playing time and inclusion on the final roster.

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