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Core Of Bengals Safeties Made Up Of Players No One Else Wanted

When you think about it, the core of Cincinnati's safeties are literally players that other teams didn't want. A gang of unwanted antagonists in a story with a protagonist so self-righteous, you hope that the Sith antagonist actually wins at the end of the story; burning the protagonist down in a church full of cute little bunnies of course.

Crocker was released on October 21, 2008 after the Miami Dolphins re-signed safety Tyrone Culver. Nine days later the Bengals signed him to finish out that season and later a four-year contract that goes through the 2012 season. Nelson was traded for David Jones, who was easily one of Cincinnati's worst cornerbacks. Taylor Mays was traded for a seventh round pick, only a year after being selected in the second-round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Gibril Wilson drew practically no interest during the previous two free agencies allowing Cincinnati to sign him to consecutive one-year deals.

Robert Sands, listed as the team's backup free safety, joined the Bengals after being drafted in the fifth round of the NFL Draft with Jeromy Miles enjoying his second preseason stint with the Bengals after spending the first half of his rookie season on the team's practice squad before being signed onto the 53-man roster on November 24.

During their list/grade/ranking of players based on position, Scouts, Inc. didn't favor the Bengals much. Wilson led the team at 50th with Crocker (62nd), Mays (70th) and Nelson (79th) rounding out the team's placement.