Early Morning Double Shot

So I wake up today, and what do I see before 7:30? Two more shots at the Bengals by the media.

Over at ESPN, Rick Reilly is dishing out his season predictions, and has the Bengals going 0-16. Neat.

Over at the Boston Herald, Ochocinco is having trouble grasping the New England offense. Whose fault is that? Clearly, it is the Bengals fault. The Bengals did not run a very complex offense, and Chad didn't have to know what was going on around him. In New England, Chad has to know what is going on around him. This concept has apparently been difficult for him to grasp.

I'm not sure that any of us would argue with the statement "Chad has difficulty understanding what is going on around him." Moreover, haven't players complained in the past about the complexity of the Bengals offense? Weak reporting this morning. Let's prove 'em all wrong this year!

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